Trike Axle

•M-AX-2000 ( Belt Drive 70 TH X 1 1/8 2 Piston )
•M-AX-2002 ( Chain Drive Trike Axle / 2 Piston )
•M-AX-2004 ( Belt Drive / 70 TH X1 1/8 Trike Axle 4P )
•M-AX-2006 ( Chain Drive Axle 4P )
•M-AX-2007 ( Belt Drive / 70 TH X1 1/2 Trike Axle 4P )

Trike Axle



•M-SA-2012 ( 1991-2005 )

•M-SA-2014 ( 2006-Present )


•M-SA-2010 ( 2004-Present )

•M-SA-2008 ( 1986-Present )


•M-SA-2001 ( 1986-2011 )

•M-SA-2002 ( 2000-2007 )

•M-SA-2003 ( 2008-2011 )


•M-SA-2004 ( 1993-2001 )

•M-SA-2006 ( 2002-2008 )








  1. ken hanes

    trying to find out what kind of grease to use in the trike rear-end and if I have to take apart to pack bearing’s. thank you

  2. Beverly Flint

    Hi – can you please tell me the diameter of the M-AX-2004 ( Belt Drive / 70 TH X1 1/8 Trike Axle 4P ) and can this be fitted either way around – my pulley will be on the left of the trike
    Bev :)

  3. Brian

    Do you offer a 4 piston caliper upgrade for your trike conversion kits. We bought a kit and really like it. We are just not happy with the braking. We installed a the kit on a 2006 Road King.

  4. Rich

    Been wanting to turn I’m sporty into a trike, was wondering what wheels sizes would I need to buy and is there any other things I need in order to convert?

  5. paul

    Need price and info on how to purchase axle and swing arm for a 87 flht

  6. Charles Midkiff

    I got a 1999 sportster 1200C and what kind of shocks do i run on my trike? It’s got 15inch tires and wheels and the rest is stock,besides DNA rear end and swingarm.

  7. Mike Jackson

    Where can I get Harley 2002 flhtc swing arm s-sa-2006 .I have found the axle in limited slip , ,but can`t find the swing arm . Thanks

  8. jani

    i like to buy a 70 tooth 1 1/2 pulley for my trike axle your part nr from the 2014 catalog is M-AXP-1002

  9. Ralph Dalton

    Do you have wheel studs for DNA trike axle. Please let me know Thanks

  10. maynard w/olf

    Which DNA kit do I use for FXR Harley Davidson low rider 1986 thank you mw

  11. Bill

    Will the axle housings telescope in and out to make adjustments to the location of the sprocket?

  12. Mike Godfrey [UK]

    I need HELP. Having your DNA Axle fitted to my HD Sportster 883. In November 2014.
    After 1,000 miles a groove was worn into the outside of the belt [ a semi circular shape, ] 9.5mm from the edge of the belt 5mm wide , 1.5mm deep.
    I had the belt replaced and it was assumed that road debris was to blame.!!!!!!!!
    At 4.400 miles the same thing occured, this time 7mm from the edge, 9mm wide, 3mm deep. In the same location.
    There was no evidence of any damage inside the pully casing. Debris entering and causing damage to the belt in THE SAME LOCATION seems remote..
    I welcome your thoughts and comments on the problem.
    If you forward me you email address I can send you pictures.

  13. Archie Silvers

    I purchased e DNA kit /swingarm/Axel/70 tooth 1.5″ for Harley flhtc ,OEM belt is a 136t ,assembled to bike for pre fit shocks alinement found out that it requires shorty shock’s checked belt length with spare 70 pulley and I nead to go 1.75″ back to put a belt on the DNA Axel pulley with adjustment at max in on adjusters , so the question is where is a 144t 1.5wide drive belt to fit my motorcycle with three wheels that don’t go ? Runs grate just don’t move, the kits should come with a belt knowing that the swingarm Axel assembled moves the pulley back 1.75″ needing a 144tooth belt. Purchased from a FL dealer.please help me .AES, ready to ride but can’t move.

    Archie silvers

  14. Johnny

    Can we hook this puppy to a 2000 Buell S3?

  15. alex de luca

    Hi i need a price for swing arm and axle for softail heritage 2001 , andd price to ship and handling to montreal canada , i also need the weight of this two piece maybe il pick it up to your warehouse

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