DNA’s Handle Bars feature swedged tapered end, notched for

fly by wire. Available in 1 1/4” Dia.

Chrome plated or Custom Powder Coat.

Width: 31”

Pullback: 4”

Dia. Thickness: 1 1/4”

Dia. Thickness: 1 1/2”

OEM Knuckle Bar

M-HB-1000 ( CHRM )

M-HB-1000b ( BLK )


M-HB-2006W ( Ape Hangers 12” 1 1/4 WG, CHRM)

M-HB-2006WFB ( Ape Hangers, 12” 1 1/4 WG, Flat BLK)

M-HB-2006WGB ( Ape Hangers, 12” 1 1/4 WG, Gloss BLK)

M-HB-2008W ( Ape Hangers, 14” 1 1/4 WG, CHRM)

M-HB-2008WFB ( Ape Hangers, 14” 1 1/4 WG, Flat BLK)

M-HB-2008WGB ( Ape Hangers, 14” 1 1/4 WG, Gloss BLK)

M-HB-2010W ( Ape Hangers, 16” 1 1/4 WG, CHRM)

M-HB-2010WFB ( Ape Hangers 16” 1 1/4 WG, Flat BLK)

M-HB-2010WGB ( Ape Hangers, 16” 1 1/4 WG, Gloss BLK)

M-HB-2012W ( Ape Hangers, 18” 1 1/4 WG, CHRM)

M-HB-2012WFB ( Ape Hangers, 18” 1 1/4 WG, Flat BLK)

M-HB-2012WGB ( Ape Hangers, 18” 1 1/4 WG, Gloss BLK)

Ape Hanger Bar


Monster Handle Bar

Monster Bar_chrome

Ape Hanger Bar Blk


Monster Bar Blk

Monster Bar_black




Width: 5.5″ Length: 24 1/2″

Tire Size: Fits up to 21″ x 3.5″

Steel Gauge: 12

Wide Glide

Wide Glide Sheet Metal
  1. Leon Jordan

    Trying to get a price on a chrome 12 inch ape for a 2015 Roadglide

  2. Claudio

    Hi fit a breakout harley 2016 ? And the Costa of a 16 inch monster bar?

  3. Ryan

    Hi, I’m wondering if the monster has any sweep backwards in the up rights. If I could have a photo of the bars from the the side (90 degrees) it would answer my question exactly. Cheers

  4. Jason

    I’m interested in the 14″ DNA black monster bar. Will this fit my 2013 Harley Softail Slim? And what’s the price?

  5. Adriano Abreu

    Hey there. Whats the prod code and pricing for 21×3,5 (front) and 18×4,25 (rear) Mammoth Wheel Smooth wheel set for FSLTN (solftail deluxe 12′)?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Eric Rivera

    I am looking for a monster handlebar for a 2012 Road Glide that can still use OEM cables.

    Plrase advice

  7. Richard Fortunato

    Will the Monster Handle Bar fit the 03 Harley Road King with the stock handle bar cover without any modification?

  8. Juan Anaya

    Monster bars for 09 HD Rocker?

  9. Michael Allen

    Hi I was wanting to know if you carry the Monster Bars for a 2002 Road King with an 1-1/2 diameter. If so how much are they?

  10. Leslie Bagby

    I’m lookin for a set of chrome monsters for a 2015 RG. What’s the price and availability.

  11. mohammed majed

    im looking for handlebar for Breakout 2016 price ?

  12. Scotty

    Looking for 12-14″ chrome monster bars for 2007 road glide please contact me with price and ordering information. Thanks Scotty

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